My Resolution for 2024 – Drink more quality wine!

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My Resolution for 2024 – Drink more quality wine!

Today’s New Yorker cartoon made me chuckle as they usually do. The illustration, by Christopher Weyant, pictured a couple lying in the sand in the desert looking distraught questioning, “How much longer until Dry January ends?”
It’s the start of a new year, which means everyone is making resolutions – saving money, going to the gym, eating healthier, limiting social media.
All great goals that may or may not last.
However, the one resolution that has always baffled me is giving up alcohol, or like the couple in the cartoon, joining the Dry January fad. My disbelief may come from the fact that I have kids, including a teenage daughter, and a glass of wine a few times a week, or more depending on the week, keeps my sanity somewhat intact.
To add to that, January and February are not the ideal months to give up something that brings so much sunshine and joy. Winter, especially in South Dakota, is long, cold, and dark made even drearier without the thought of a tasty glass of vino at the end of the day.
So, instead of giving up something you love why not make your 2024 resolutions fun. Explore new wines. Visit more tasting rooms. Embark on wine adventures. Host wine dinners. Educate yourself on the wines you are drinking. Choose quality over quantity. That’s what I am planning on doing.
And to give you some help on choosing quality wines, here are five amazing Firehouse ones to start your 2024 off right.
1. 2020 Sangiovese – This was my go-to wine last summer and fall, and now going into the winter. With ripe strawberry, baking spices, and a slight pepperiness, which I love, this wine is versatile, delicious, and it was voted Best in Class at last year’s San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition.

2. 2020 Cabernet Franc – It is so exciting to have another single varietal of the Cabernet Fanc, a grape that is normally used in blending for a Bordeaux. This is a nice medium-body, food-friendly wine with a little chili pepper and raspberry. Our Cab Fran received a silver medal at the recent San Francisco International Wine Competition.

3. 2020 Malbec – Malbec with its full body and dark fruits is the perfect wine to warm up to on winter nights, or days if you desire. Our award-winning Malbec features a little vanilla, cacao bean and red plum.

4. 2022 Roussanne – Roussanne is a unique grape well-known in Southern Frane and the Rhone Valley. Like Cab Franc, Roussanne is traditionally a blending grape, but our winemaker Adam and his team have produced another straight varietal that bought home gold at the San Francisco International Wine Festival. This is a great full-bodied winter white that Meyers lemon and a nice creaminess.

5. 2020 Petite Verdot – This luscious wine is not yet available but will be in February. Part of our Winemaker’s Collection, this is our first Petite Verdot, and it is worth the wait. This big, bold red has cherry, black pepper, and wild plum on the palate. It is delicious now but will be even better in a decade or more.

Let’s all raise a glass to 2024!

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